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About Us


Our group started its activities in the heating sector in 1985 by Faruk Uzun in Istanbul. When it came to 1991, our company produced its own design and production of special wrapped Aluminum Ferro Chrome Nickel Alloy resistance wire and its own design and production of heat fixing control and electric blanket and delivered these to his own customers.

Due to the fact that the product is a safe, economic, efficient and environment friendly, our company has met with great appreciation in the market of Turkey, Balkans and Caucasus, and as a result, BOYRALI electric blanket has been the leader of this market.

When it came to 1995, another brand of ours SEÇKİN electric blankets were presented to the customers and it had collected great acclaim again.

In spite of the decreasing energy resources in our world, it is becoming more and more important for us to use our energy sources correctly and efficiently, as well as to reduce the harm done to the environment. As BOYRALI, we are working to reduce these problems by producing electric blanket which is the only type of energy that can be obtained from renewable energy sources and is not waste. Among the electric blankets the most effective way of heat transmission (short heating time of 5 minutes), healthy and homogeneous heating, BOYRALI and SEÇKİN electric blankets stands out.

BOYRALI and SEÇKİN electric blankets radiates medium waves and transfers all of the electricity they use by converting it to heat energy with 94% luminescence and 6% convection. For this reason, heat and energy loss is the lowest compared to conventional electric blankets.

In the globalizing world, the level of the required standards has risen so much that the technological developments have gone up to the upper levels. In parallel to this, with the influence of the European Union harmonization process in the year 2000, the necessity of receiving the CE security certificate which is required in this association and which is valid all over the world is born. Our products have been tested and approved in EURO CERT laboratories in Europe in 2004, and our products have been entitled CE certificate.

Today, our group is a Istanbul based company operating in a 6.000 m2 area, serving as a large group that sells both at home and abroad, and continues to serve customers in every industry sector that needs heating.

Our group, which continues its activities in the field of home textiles and medical as well as heating products, is growing day by day and continues to be an international company.

We have never lost our enthusiasm, our vitality and our strength since the day we started our business life with the enthusiasm of serving our country with the experience and knowledge we have gained until today and with the passion of acting towards our employees, stakeholders and customers. We believe that we have established a better future when we evaluate our past as a result of many difficulties from the day it was established to the present day and by overcoming various obstacles during development. We're proud of what we achieved.

We are the proud peoples because of being a leader in Turkey and showing up in the world. We are always hard-working and disciplined to achieve the best, we are conscious of our collective living and honest and respectful towards all people and our responsibility to our country. It is our culture that will make us different and succeed not only in today but also in every period and long term and guarantee its continuity. All our managers and employees working in our group have adopted this culture.