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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use electric blankets ?

It is very useful in the treatment of rheumatic aches, neck and back aches and it protects the body from cold and humid air which cause these diseases and it is definite effect on any kind of body aches that are cold like flu. In the temperature where the body can relax, it prevents the bed and the moisture in the tired body, loosens the body isles, increases the depth of sleep by regulating blood circulation. This allows you to spend a healthy, peaceful and comfortable night. In addition with BOYRALI quality, do not pay lot of money  for electricity bill (our products spend energy as 1 bulb ), and remove  the hazard of poisoning in houses warmed with a stove.

The products has guarantee ?

Yes, all our products are guaranteed.

Does your products harmful to human health ?

No, all of our products carry a certificate of conformity with the standards of the European Communities. Click here to see all our documents and certificates.